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Pure Shilajit Resin is an authentic, quality product which has numerous reported health benefits including boosting the immune system and balancing hormones.
Pure Shilajit Resin is harvested by hand in the Himalayan mountains from quality, sustainable sources above 10,000 feet.
The origin of Shilajit is Himalayas and NEPAL Himalayas are considered best source of Shilajit and also the description of NEPAL Shilajit matches with ancient Ayurvedic textbook Charaka Samhita.


Common Things To Know

Therapeutic Information


The average dosage of shilajit is approximately 300 mg.
Men Shilajit Dosage;
Men of average build can start with 300 mg per day, and gradually increase to 500 mg as required. If you find it difficult to sleep then reduce the dose to 200 mg, or even as low as 100 mg until your sleep pattern returns to normal.


Measuring a Shilajit Dose

We recommend using a food scale to weigh out your recommended dosage, but generally the average dosage is roughly pea-size.


Using Shilajit

We recommend dissolving your shilajit resin dosage in approximately 6 oz hot water, stirring continuously until it is fully dissolved. Hot water from the kettle or tap is fine. Small clumps which don’t dissolve easily can be broken against the inside of the glass with your finger or spoon.

Drink the shilajit solution on an empty stomach first thing in the morning for maximum effects. Try to avoid taking shilajit before bed as it might cause some difficulty sleeping.

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