Sexual Benefits of Shilajit Resin

Sexual Benefits of Shilajit Resin

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If you’ve ever wondered why so many people rave about the benefits of shilajit resin, it’s probably because you’ve never taken it. Sure, you may be aware of some of its general health benefits, like being an adaptogen that increases your stamina and energy levels without overstimulation and that it works as an anti-inflammatory to reduce pain and swelling in various areas of the body.

But shilajit resin also has amazing sexual benefits that make it one of the best remedies available today.

Boost testosterone levels in men

Testosterone is responsible for the development of male sexual features like body hair, deepening voice, and enlarging organs. Testosterone also helps to maintain muscle mass and bone density, which is why many men experience a loss in these two areas after they reach their mid-forties. A study conducted on healthy males revealed that those who were supplemented with Shilajit resin saw an increase in testosterone levels.

Increase sperm count and motility

Shilajit resin has been used in Ayurveda and traditional medicine since ancient times. Studies show that it can increase sperm count and motility, which may have positive effects on male fertility. This ancient medicine can help by improving sperm count and motility, making it easier to conceive a baby. If you are willing to for shilajit resin, you can use the product offered by Shilajit Australia.

Restore hormonal balance

Shilajit is also believed to restore hormonal balance in the body, which can lead to better sex. In one study, participants reported increased testosterone levels and better sexual performance after taking shilajit resin daily. Most men who took part in the trial said that they had more energy and felt healthier. Additionally, erectile dysfunction was improved or resolved among some men who took part in the study.

Boost reproductive health

The best way to use shilajit is as a natural remedy to boost reproductive health. One study found that applying it topically increased testosterone levels in male subjects by 50%. In females, it increases the production of estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone, which all help regulate the menstrual cycle. Menopause symptoms such as hot flashes and mood swings can also be reduced when taken internally.

Reduce symptoms of menopause

Shilajit resin has been shown to reduce the symptoms of menopause, including vaginal dryness, hot flashes, and mood changes. It has also been shown to help increase energy levels. Additionally, it is said to improve fertility in both males and females. The downside is that shilajit resin has a foul taste, but if taken as directed in small doses it should not be too much of a problem.


Shilajit resin can be used as a natural supplement to enhance libido and sexual performance. It’s safe and effective, which makes it the perfect solution for anyone looking to improve their sex life.  The first benefit is increased testosterone production, which helps with erections and overall sexual desire. Another major benefit is increased semen volume. Increased semen volume also helps with fertility because it means more sperm cells are present in each ejaculation. Finally, there is an increase in sperm motility, meaning that these little swimmers are going to be able to get where they need to go much faster!

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