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Free Delivery On Orders Over $99 | Win Points On Every Purchase


Is Pure Shilajit Resin Really Pure?
Yes it is. Pure shilajit means there are no generic fillers and that the substance has been properly purified to remove contaminants and heavy metals. Pure shilajit is not to be confused with raw shilajit, which is shilajit in its natural form. Raw shilajit is not safe for human consumption.
How Long Before I get My Package?
Most orders take 2-3 days to arrive.
How Is My Order Shipped?
All orders are shipped Australia Post.
Is The Powder Good?
Shilajit powders are almost more questionable than the capsules. The powdered form of shilajit is the easiest to adulterate, or mix fillers into.
Are The Capsules Good?
Unfortunately no, they are not. Rarely is there a full dose of shilajit inside the capsules and instead you are taking a large amount of filler like silica, plant cellulose and other junk. Another concern with these capsules is there is no way to confirm the quality or authenticity of the shilajit within. It is very likely that the “shilajit” in these capsules is fake, low quality, or a cheap imitation.
What Are The Benefits For Men?

Pure Shilajit Resin research specific to men has shown that shilajit has many benefits: increases libido and fertility, improves sexual performance, combats sexual dysfunction.

How Much Should I Take?
Research indicates that an effective dose in an average person is from 350-500mg. For Premium Shilajit, this means you should consume an amount approximately the size of a small pea. View more information on shilajit dosage.
How Is It Made?

Decaying plant material mixes with healthy bacteria in the soil, rain and snow melt allows this dense substance to seep deep into rocky crevasses, the moisture leaches minerals from the rocks, layers of stone and soil tightly compress everything, the combination now “ferments” in this compressed resinous form for a very long time. After many years, intense heat from the summer sun warms the rocks causing the resin to become soft and expand, the resin slowly seeps from the cracks to the surface and dries in a semi solid form on the rocks… and there you have it PURE SHILAJIT RESIN!
The pure shilajit is then harvested by hand. In its raw form there are many heavy metals and debris in the Shilajit. The shilajit is then purified, again by hand, to remove any contaminants and make it safe for consumption.

Where Does This Product Come From?
The PURE shilajit is harvested high in the Himalayan mountains. Pure Shilajit is a rare, naturally occurring, nutritive plant and geological substance that is harvested from rock formations. It is not synthesized in a laboratory, and it is not a generic combination of vitamins produced in a factory.
How Much Is Shipping?
Free Delivery On Orders Over $99 with Auspost express
What Are The Benefits?
The research supported list of pure shilajit resin benefits very long. Some of the most reported and important benefits are as follows: immune system booster, antioxidant/detoxification, sexual health, improves brain function, helps regulate blood sugar, increases the effectiveness and results of exercise, anti aging and anti inflammatory. Read more about Pure shilajit benefits.